Attendance and Punctuality

Regular and punctual attendance is crucial for a child’s future life chances and establishes a positive work ethic early in life.  We promote good attendance in assemblies and the newsletters each week.

Pupils will be encouraged  to achieve 100% attendance but we appreciate that some absence may be unavoidable. Where this is the case, Parents/Carers should contact the school on the first day of absence to explain the reason and provide an estimate of how long the absence is likely to last.

Then the Parent/Carer must provide a dated note explaining the absence when your child returns to school, if the information has not been communicated by other means.


Lessons start at 8.55am and it is important that all pupils enter the school building between 8.45am and 8.55am when the doors are opened.

If a child misses the doors then they have to enter via the School Office.

If this is between 8.55am and 9.00am then the office staff will send them along to their classrooms without a late slip.

If a child misses registration at 9.00 am they will be marked late in the register. They are provided with a late slip to take to their class teacher with the reason for lateness. These are also recorded on the Pupil Asset management system (which records all attendance). If they arrive after 9.30 am, the lateness will be recorded as unauthorised absence unless there has been an prior arrangement.

If contact is not made by the Parent/Carer when a pupil does not attend school they will be contacted by Mr Dickinson, Parent Liaison and Attendance Officer, by telephone.  If there is no response to this, a text message will be sent to the parent/carer requesting a reason for the absence. Where no response is received to a second text message, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.

Due to Government Legislation, the school may no longer authorise family holidays during term time unless there is exceptional circumstances.  Click here to find out more information.


Dental and medical appointments should, whenever possible, be made outside of the school day.  If it is unavoidable that a child should have an appointment during school hours, the school office should be notified and provided with written evidence of the date and time of appointment and when the child will be collected/returned to school. Appointments that are made urgently by telephone should be supported by an appointment card on the pupil’s return to school.


Regular attendance is encouraged by the school providing a caring and welcoming learning environment, which motivates and supports pupils, and helps them to feel safe. Our Family Liaison Officer works closely with families to promote early intervention for attendance issues. The Senior Management Team have regular pastoral meetings and highlight continual attendance issues, which may be impacting upon progress and achievement.


Good attendance is promoted weekly in assemblies, through display and in the newsletter. Certificates are issued for good attendance at the end of each term and at the end of the year.Extra playtime is awarded to the class/es with the best attendance each week.   Classes with the best attendance for the whole half-term will receive a non-uniform day. Regular consideration is given to the inclusion of other motivational rewards for good attendance through attendance lotteries. Children with 98%+ attendance at the end of the year will receive a special award, e.g.  prize, and those with 100% attendance receive another special award, as well as certificates.


If the pupil’s attendance/lateness gives cause for concern, the Parents/Carers will be informed and it will be monitored for a given period. If necessary, home visits will be carried out. The relevant support will be implemented and individual incentives established. Should there be no improvement in the pupil’s attendance, the case will be progressed and Parents/Carers invited to an attendance review meeting to discuss reasons for absence and to agree targets for improvement.  This will involve the Headteacher,  Family Liaison Officer and any other relevant member of staff or  governor, who will explore the problem and identify any support that may be required by the family.  If the absence persists the concern will move to the LA stage three level and taken out of the school’s hands by the LA Attendance Team Manager. Continued persistent absence may result in court prosecution.