Design Technology

Design and Technology in Usworth Colliery Primary School is delivered in the context of the overarching requirements of the programme of study through knowledge, skills and understanding

  • Think about what products are used for and the needs of people who use them.
  • Plan what has to be done.
  • Identify what works well and what could be improved in their own and other people`s designs.
  • Draw on knowledge and understanding from other areas of the curriculum.
  • Use computers in a range of ways.
  • Review, modify and evaluate work as it progresses.



Children are given opportunities

  • To cover the objectives as required by the National Curriculum.
  • To develop skills and concepts as required by the National Curriculum.
  • To promote learning and experience within Design and Technology
  • To promote links with other areas of the Curriculum.
  • To develop a confident and positive approach to all aspects of Design and Technology.
  • To promote safety and care.


Teaching and Learning Styles

The expectation is that learning and teaching styles will differ from each lesson and will address the needs and wants of the children and the needs and wants of the subject being taught. At Usworth Colliery Primary School we utilize many learning and teaching styles. Design and Technology lessons involve a combination of whole class, group and individual teaching.


D&T follows the Learning Challenge Curriculum which delivers units based around a key question. Most skills will be taught within a topic but there may be some discrete lessons.

Health and Safety

D&T work will be carried out with due regard to recognizing and assessing any hazards and risks. Teaching blocks that are agreed to be “Dangerous” will be taught with the support of a Teaching Assistant. Teaching will ensure that the pupils are taught to care for and use all D&T equipment correctly with due regard to safety.

Inclusion and Differentiation

We teach D&T to all children, whatever their ability, in accordance with the school curriculum policy of providing a broad and balanced education to all children. Teachers provide learning opportunities matched to the needs of children with learning difficulties (offering adapted equipment when needed) and our work in D&T takes into account the targets set for individual children in their Individual Educational Plans (IEP`s) especially those relating to fine motor skills.

Assessment and Recording

Meaningful assessment should be carried out within a framework which is understood by children and teachers alike (Emerging/Expected/Exceeding) for this reason assessment should be linked to planning at all times. Self-assessment in the form of pupil observations, both written and oral should be used to support the assessment process and as an aid to learning.


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