Developing E-Learning in Science

The Enthuse Science Grant

The school has been awarded the Enthuse Grant to help promote science. We decided to use the money awarded to develop E-Learning within the subject. As part of this, we have been working with advisers from North Tyneside LEA to develop E-Learning within the appropriate strands of our curriculum.

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Digital Leaders’ Visit to the Apple Store, Eldon Square – 14/2/17

  • Pupils started by using the inbuilt fitness tracker to complete a number of office based fitness activities.
  • They also looked at a free food tracker called My Fitness App and discussed how the app could be used to track calories and set personal goals in conjunction with the fitness tracker.DL Apple Store 1
  • Pupils then moved onto using the apple watches. They started by looking an app called Headspace Meditation and used this to help regulate their breathing.DL Apple Store 2
  • They then used the apple watch to track their resting heart rate and how their heart rate changed after 1 minute of exercise (this had to be completed one at a time as the demo apple watches within the store could not monitor heart rate).
  • Following this, we discussed how the watches used green lights to sense heart rate. 1 sensor measures how much green light it sends through your skin. The second sensor then tracks how much green light is absorbed by your blood and how much is returned to the watch and then uses this to calculate your heart rate – the more blood pumping throughout your veins (high heart rate) the more green light is absorbed.

DL Apple Store 3