Dough Disco World Record Event

On Monday 3rd March, the whole school, along with 120 other schools around the world, in a Guinness World Record attempt. There were over 5000 children taking part from across the UK and other countries around the world, including children from Dubai and Turkey.

Dough Disco is an activity, which our younger children complete every day in school, in order to strengthen their hand muscles to prepare them for writing. Everyone was in the hall together to manipulate their own piece of play dough and create their own sculpture.

Shonette Bason, an ex-teacher, Early Years Consultant and founder of dough disco, created a video for all the schools involved to complete the event. You can see this on The video is slightly mad but the children love it! We were lucky enough to have Shonette complete the event with us.

There were several reasons for doing the event: to link with schools across the world, to work as part of a team, to get our school name in the Guinness World Records, to have fun and raise money for charity.

The event is going to also be raising money for Fraser Braille, who is cycling around the world to fundraise in order to build an orphanage in Africa. He is travelling 40,000miles in four years. You can see his progress on . The school is making a donation and do not expect parents/carers to give money to the charity.

Watch out for the press coverage!  I’ll let you know when we are in the papers.  Well done record breakers!