Parent Support & Foundation of Light

Mrs Paula Thomson is our Family Liaison Officer and is based in the School Office.

She leads monitoring attendance/punctuality; works closely with yourselves to ensure we support you in getting your child into school; looks at ways to involve the community in school life; and works with you to develop your own personal skills and  your understanding of how to help your child.  She has organised Parents’ First Aid Courses, School Nurse drop-ins, Coffee Mornings and Family Cooking classes, as well as supporting parents with    personal issues.  There is always someone at School to help you.  We aim to have excellent relationships so that you feel welcome in School and we are able to contact you about your child’s personal well being and education.

Mrs Thomson co-ordinates all the work we doing with The Foundation of Light’s Improving Futures Project.

Improving Futures is a Big Lottery funded project, which works with children and their families, providing support and offering opportunities which address issues families face on a day to day basis, both in school and the home.

Families are supported from the moment they become involved, receiving assistance to complete an initial enrolment form, from which an action plan and support package are put in place. The Improving Futures project utilises partners skills from local voluntary and community sector organisations to engage and deliver support, meaning that support can be put in place almost immediately.
The project is totally voluntary and will work with children and their parents at a pace they are comfortable with and until all identified issues are resolved.
Ensuring families confidentiality is vital and information shared with the project will only be discussed with partners that can support and help move the family forward.
So far the project has assisted and supported schools with attendance and attainment through the introduction of breakfast clubs and the launch of the Read and Write Army project. Children have also received individual support for issues such as confidence, self-esteem or bullying.
Parents have also benefitted from the support available, receiving advice and guidance to address issues such as housing, finance or unemployment as well as personal issues such as health and wellbeing.
To find out more details of the Improving Futures project and how it may be able to support you, please speak with Mrs Thomson or contact the Improving Futures team on 0191 51 5390.

Schools the project is working in are:
Southwick Community Primary School, Valley Road Community Primary School, Diamond Hall Primary
School, Highfield Primary School, Usworth Colliery Primary School, Marlborough Primary School & Hetton
Primary School.

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