Gold Book Awards

Here are the children who have been put in the Gold Book. The theme is linked to our words of the week. Well done, everyone. We are very proud of you!


    Week beginning: 12th September 2016

    RKH – Joshua Brewster for doing everything when he is asked.

    RJD – Theo Boyle for trying his best this week.

    1ML – Lewis Watson for working so hard this week.

    1DS – Isla Turnbull for listening carefully.

    2VM – Demi Lamb for trying so very hard this week.

    2CF – Connor Conlon for making a wonderful start in Y2.

    3AO – Jessica Ellerington for trying so hard in English.

    3JB – Jayden Sanderson for trying so hard to improve his handwriting.

    4SM- Keira Digby for her excellent English work.

    4AM- Olivia Allen for an excellent start to Y4.

    5EP – Kristy Lamb for trying so hard to use exciting vocabulary.

    5SC – Nina Seccombe for her superb work in Maths.

    6JM – Emily Moore for excellent work about who discovered America.

    6RW – Shay Munro for his excellent start to Y6.

    Week beginning: 20th September 2016

    RKH – Harry Robson Corrigan for always setting a good example

    RJD – Melody Robinson-James for helping her friend when she was upset

    1ML – Liam Wilson for his fabulous description of a monkey during English

    1DS – Olivia Johnson for always working so hard

    2VM – Neve Wallace for a fantastic start to Y2 and always doing her best

    2CF – Emily Smail for being so polite and ready to learn

    3AO – Dylan Jennings for his fantastic work in Topic

    3JB – Aaron Lowry for his wonderful participation during Science

    4SM- Ben Martin for an excellent attitude towards his studies

    4AM- Michael Fisher for great topic on the Roman Empire

    5EP – Alex Robson for a super effort on tropical rainforests

    5SC – Logan Osman for his contributions in Literacy this week

    6JM – Kieran Cruddas for his excellent work on electric circuits and components

    6RW – Olivia Watson for such wonderful poetry during English