Gold Book Awards

Here are the children who have been put in the Gold Book. The theme is linked to our words of the week. Well done, everyone. We are very proud of you!

  • Below are the children who have been put in the Gold Book this half term for excellent attitude towards behaviour and/or learning. Well done, everyone. We are very proud of you!

    Week beginning: 9th October 2017

    RKH – Megan Bloomer for writing such good number sentences.

    RJD – Leif Longstaff for playing nicely and taking his turn.

    1ML – Olivia Bittlestone for always setting a wonderful example to others.

    1DS – Livvy Whiteley – Bell for constantly helping others and doing the right thing.

    2VM – Courtney Leigh Johnstone for making great predictions in reading.

    2CF – Cayden Robinson for taking time with his work and for good handwriting.

    3RN – Daniel Roberts for his wonderful descriptive paragraph opening.

    3JB – Neve Wallace for such neat work.

    4SM- Amelia Richardson for her excellent Maths.

    4AM- Sadia Jahan for a fabulous half term of hard work and wonderful behaviour.

    5EP – Harry Burns for working hard in Literacy this half term

    5SC – Reece Lewins for a super debate about the Anglo Saxons.

    6JM – Annabel Briggs for working so, so hard on improving her handwriting.

    6RB – Jaidie Gibson for her super attitude when we were at Washington School this week.

    Week beginning: 2nd October 2017

    RKH – Abi Ellis for segmenting and blending words in our reading task.

    RJD – Harley Loader for trying her best and joining in all day.

    1ML – Maisie Calder for working hard all week.

    1DS – Brandon Wolfenden for amazing maths with Mrs. Allen.

    2VM – Ryan Williams for his excellent reading.

    2CF – Lewis Watson for working so hard in English.

    3RN – Gabija for her fantastic sentences.

    3JB – Lacey Dick for being super helpful to Mrs. Newall.

    4SM- Anthony Barker for excellent effort on his explanation text.

    4AM- Lola Valente for her wonderful effort in swimming last week.

    5EP – Emily Sewell for a great science investigation.

    5SC – Annabel Firm for her knowledge when using ‘Scratch’ in ICT.

    6JM – Mitchell Millward for excellent use of figurative language to describe a chase sequence.

    6RB – Charlie McCarthy for excellent effort when trying to improve his handwriting.

    Week beginning: 25th September 2017

    RKH – Riley Coe for trying so hard in Guided Reading.

    RJD – Ocean Proctor for working very hard in Phonics.

    1ML – Daria Zan for her fabulous attitude and always smiling.

    1DS – Leah Redpath for her fantastic Maths.

    2VM – Daisy Laing for her fabulous effort in guided reading.

    2CF – Oliver Dunlop for trying hard to be more resilient.

    3RN – Benjamin Hedley for being so kind to his friends.

    3JB – Jamie Ferguson for his wonderful use of words.

    4SM- McKenzie Proctor for excellent work on negative numbers.

    4AM- Faye Henderson for excellent work on Topic.

    5EP – Ruby Hedley for trying hard to improve her handwriting.

    5SC – Angelina Revell for her positive attitude towards learning

    6JM – Jack Bulmer for his super enthusiasm for our class novel.

    6RB – Nina Seccombe for being an excellent help at Family Writing Morning.

    Week beginning: 18th September 2017

    RKH – Jake Robinson for always doing as he’s told. What a star!

    RJD – Jayden Little for his perfect behaviour. Well done Jayden!

    1ML – Melody James for her super homework.

    1DS – Charlie Tonge for some lovely work in Phonics.

    2VM – Rhiley Daniel for his amazing book about the Great Fire of London.

    2CF – Rosa Conlin for her super phonics with Mrs. Kennedy.

    3RN – Amber Purcell for being a fantastic role model to her peers.

    3JB – Lacey Dick for her wonderful recount about our trip to Beamish.

    4SM- Molly Robson for an excellent diary as a Roman Soldier.

    4AM- Lana Jackson for her hard work in English.

    5EP – Harry Graham for making a superb Saxon Warrior.

    5SC – Joshua Fawkes for using good vocabulary to describe a setting.

    6JM – Natasha Oakes for some impressive fast bowling in cricket.

    6RB – Finlay Eglintine for his wonderful English work.

    Week beginning: 11th September 2017

    RKH – Logan Swallow for being such a kind and caring friend.

    RJD – Joey Oakes for a fantastic start in Reception.

    1ML – Maisie Muter for working so incredibly hard.

    1DS – Matthew Tiffin for a fantastic sentence about Rainforest animals.

    2VM – Ella Watson for working so hard in Year 2.

    2CF – Declan Fox for sharing his ideas in class.

    3RN – Connor Conlon for his fantastic attitude to learning.

    3JB – Brooke Bitmane for trying so hard in all lessons.

    4SM- Jenny Tiffin for her excellent work on solids and liquids.

    4AM- Alfie Myers for an excellent Roman Army poster.

    5EP – Marcus Munemo for his superb hockey skills during PE.

    5SC – Krish Kalsi for his consistent hard work in all lessons.

    6JM – Callum Humphreys for his excellent reasoning in Maths lessons.

    6RB – Grace Dodgson for her superb work on rounding.

    Week beginning: 5th September 2017

    RJD – Ruby Bygate Pittiglio – For joining in with everything all day.

    RKH – Kathryn Simpson for a super start to school life. Good girl.

    1DS – Joshua Brewster for doing what he is asked.

    1ML – Sam Ellis for a fantastic start to Y1.

    2VM – Liam Devonport for trying so hard in Y2. A great start.

    2CF – Lexi Dunn for making an excellent start in Y2.

    3JB – Brandon Matthews for showing an eagerness to learn.

    3RN – Rebekah Golightly for settling into her new class so well.

    4SMM – Leighton Dunbar for a good start and helping others.

    4AM – Jessica Ellerington for her excellent Topic work on the Roman Empire.

    5EP – Keira Digby for her own research on the Anglo Saxons.

    5SC – Jessica Golightly for a brilliant start at Usworth Colliery School.

    6RB – Alfie Corrigan for his excellent start to Y6 and his great behaviour.

    6JM – Emily Muter for her excellent effort in all lessons this week.

  • Below are the children who have been put in the Gold Book this half term for excellent attitude towards behaviour and/or learning. Well done, everyone. We are very proud of you!

    Week beginning: 18th December 2017

    RKH – Harley Dugdale for trying so hard in phonics this week.

    RJD – Myah Wallace for being a great example of good behaviour.

    1ML – Poppy Triplow for setting a good example to others.

    1DS – Hayden Matthews for trying so hard to improve his behaviour.

    2VM – Harrison Wyatt for taking responsibility for his own learning.

    2CF – Tyler Young for his beautiful handwriting in Science.

    3GY – Benjamin Hedley for his fantastic work in Science.

    3JB –Brandon Matthews for working hard in English.

    4SM –Jessica Smith for her superb effort in multiplication.

    4AM – Peyton Forster for always doing her best in lessons – Mrs. Green

    5SC – Dylan Valente for working hard on his cross stitching.

    5EP – Faith Bergrun for always trying to improve her handwriting.

    6JM – Bobby Petrie for planning his own story.

    6RW – Harrison Lister for superb singing in the play.

    Week beginning: 11th December 2017

    RKH – Mikey Walker for always trying his best and being a great role model.

    RJD – Tyler Storey for trying so hard with his behaviour and not shouting out.

    1ML – Emily Rae for always doing her best.

    1DS – Mollie Bell for trying so hard in every lesson.

    2VM – Rhiley Daniel for being a superb “Bossy King.”

    2CF – Elizabeth Hall for saying her lines so beautifully in the Christmas Play.

    3GY– Emily Smail for her super effort and presentation of work.

    3JB – Neve Wallace for getting her “Pen Licence.”

    4SM- Leighton Dunbar for his excellent handwriting.

    4AM- Kacie Haggath for her super participation in a small group (Mrs. Green).

    5EP – Jonathon Naughton and James Griffiths for great attitude towards reading

    5SC – Daisy Briggs for her positive attitude towards learning.

    6JM – Kristy Lamb for her excellent work with fractions.

    6RB – Chloe Pine for her superb Maths this week.

    Week beginning: 4th December 2017

    RKH – Kai Eley for working so hard with reading both at school and home.

    RJD – Joseph Fearon for his superb literacy work.

    1ML – Ava Kennedy for being such a wonderful example to others.

    1DS – Maddie Wornham for her amazing Gingerbread Man story.

    2VM – Corey Martins for being a great example of ”reading at home.”

    2CF – Mason Dodds for his beautiful joined handwriting.

    3GY– Connor Conlon for a fantastic narrative based on the Stoneage Boy.

    3JB – Scarlet Small for her continuous positive attitude towards learning.

    4SM- Kian Mulley for a much improved attitude towards learning.

    4AM- Dylan Jennings for being so supportive to his friends in school.

    5EP – David Lamb for a super effort in singing practice.

    5SC – Dylan Newton for such positive learning.

    6JM – Ethan Martins for his excellent Maths work this week.

    6RB –Millie Helyer for working so hard to learn her lines for the play.

    Week beginning: 27th November 2017

    RKH – Steve Coulson for having a great attitude and always being a good friend.

    RJD – Jayden Little for writing an amazing letter to the dinosaurs.

    1ML – Logan Ward for making a great start in his new class.

    1DS – Kayla Fox for a fantastic attitude towards learning.

    2VM – Harrison Wyatt for following instructions about Safetyworks.

    2CF – Jessica Waters for improving her handwriting.

    Week beginning: 20th November 2017

    RKH – Max Sietanski for coming in every day this week with a big smile!

    RJD – Darci-Mae Kennedy for always doing the right thing.

    1ML – Caitlin Kennedy for working incredibly hard in English all week.

    1DS – Evie Wilson for her fabulous effort in English.

    2VM – Lily-Mae Wallis for explaining why the Bible is important to Christians.

    2CF – Olivia Dodgson for creating her own questions in Literacy.

    3RN – Erin Docherty for her superb listening skills.

    3JB – Campbell Stokoe for his wonderful participation in Science.

    4SM- Ella White for her best effort in English lessons.

    4AM- Olivia Atkinson for trying hard with multiplication in Maths.

    5EP – Marcie McManus for making a great parachute. 5SC – Chloe Brewster for being so helpful and having a calming effect on others, as well as a super smile!

    6JM – Jaime Allen for his amazing effort in Maths as a Fractions Wizard.

    6RB – Jack Duff for his perseverance at the Athletics Tournament.



    Week beginning: 13th November 2017

    RKH – Chloe Rudd for always having such a positive attitude.

    RJD – Noah Khan for working so hard by himself writing his own number line.

    1ML –Melody Rose for her wonderful phonics work.

    1DS – Kayla Fox for always doing the right thing and having a positive attitude every day.

    2VM – Jacob Lloyd for fantastic knowledge of the Gunpowder Plot.

    2CF – Declan Fox for his fabulous reading.

    3RN – Logan Coates for his excellent effort this week.

    3JB – Lana Hobkirk for being such a good friend.

    4SM- Andrew Gale for making a fabulous improvement with his handwriting.

    4AM- Hollie Wilson for her fantastic English work.

    5EP – James Griffiths for his great effort in Reading Plus this week.

    5SC – Bethany Ferguson for her wonderful presentation on WW2.

    6JM – Shaun Atkinson Balfe for super work on equivalent fractions.

    6RB – Jada Logenstein for superb attitude to work.


    Week beginning: 6th November 2017

    RKH – Ayda Lowden for being so very well behaved

    RJD – Joseph Patey for always setting a good example to others

    1ML – Maisie Elliott for a fabulous Gingerbread Man story

    1DS – Catherine Marsh for working so very hard

    2VM – Isla Turnbull for being so helpful and a good friend to others (Mrs Kennedy)

    2CF – David Marjoram for his excellent sentence work this week

    3RN – Marley Turnbull for super contributions during Maths discussions

    3JB – Bobbie Mullen for his kindness to others

    4SM- Jonathan Griffiths for excellent vocabulary in his diary entry

    4AM- Faye Henderson for her excellent work on Roman artefacts

    5EP – Jonathon Naughton for superb work with times tables

    5SC – Leah Grace Thompson for always trying her best

    6JM – Thomas Naughton for his work in Maths using BIDMAS

    Week beginning: 30th October 2017

    RKH – Ethan Matthews for coming back to school with a positive attitude

    RJD – Chloe Kent for being a perfect example of good behaviour

    1ML – Chloe Ray for setting a wonderful example to others

    1DS – Harry Robson-Corrigan for his superb attitude towards learning

    2VM – Liam Wilson for persevering and always trying his best

    2CF – Ellie-Grace Gibson for writing a wonderful book review

    3RN – Freddie Tonge for being such an excellent role model in class

    3JB – Callum Naughton for his amazing attitude towards learning

    4SM- Ava Dixon for great work on her spelling

    4AM- Katie Stephenson for her wonderful estimation work

    5EP – Joshua Maughan for always being so helpful in class

    5SC – Emma Lumsdon for excellent work on persuasive language (Mr Millett)

    6JM – Isabella Chisholm Bainbridge for her positive attitude this week (Miss Cooley)

    6RB – Jayden Haggath for his excellent reading work (Mrs Bell)

  • Below are the children who have been put in the Gold Book this half term for excellent attitude towards behaviour and/or learning. Well done, everyone. We are very proud of you!

    Week beginning 29th January 2018

    RKH – Blake Page for creating a beautiful “Save the Planet.”

    RJD – Olivia Hailes for trying so hard in Phonics this week.

    1ML – Molly Hepworth for great improvement with her reading.

    1DS – Leah Redpath for always being sensible and trying her best.

    2VM – Alice Woolley and Olivia Harle for being Teamwork Twins in skipping.

    2CF – Marshall Cowley for working hard both in school and at home with reading.

    3GY – Angel Rutherford for her fabulous improvement with handwriting.

    3JB – Gemma Logenstein for being a gadget girl. Always ready to learn.

    4SMM – Aaron Lowry for great work on conjunctions.

    4AM – Kacie-May Haggath for making huge improvements with handwriting.

    5SC – Dylan Newton for being 5SC’s Sir Sensible.

    5EP – Jayden Lamb for his great teamwork in PE.

    6JM – Farrah Abbas for good work on the Mayan class system.

    6RB – Aimee Grainger for her excellent work in Maths and English.

    Week beginning 22nd January 2018

    RKH – Luke Petrie for joining in all activities this week.

    RJD – Mason Stamps for always trying his best.

    1ML – Theo Boyle for setting a good example to others.

    1DS – Tyler Smith for his enthusiasm in lessons.

    2VM – Darnell Mullen for his wonderful reading.

    2CF – Harvey McKenzie for his excellent work in Maths.

    3GY – Daniel Roberts for his much improved attitude towards learning.

    3JB – Demi Lamb for her reasoning skills in Maths.

    4SMM – Lillie Nagle for being a Professor Ponder on her division work.

    4AM – Isabella Simpson for achieving the next level on Reading Plus.

    5SC – Michael Fisher for super questioning to improve his learning.

    5EP – Samuel Marjoram for his sensible attitude towards school life.

    6JM – Finlay Eglintine for amazing Gothic descriptives which terrified me!

    6RB – Amy Walker for her excellent attitude towards learning.

    Week beginning 15th January 2018

    RKH – Amiran Mirzayer for always putting his hand up and following the rules.

    RJD – Izabel Woolley for always doing the right thing and being such a kind friend.

    1ML – Joshua Stephenson for working incredibly hard all week and always trying his best even when he finds it difficult.

    1DS – Jak Cronin for always being the first person to be doing what he should be. He is a fantastic role model.

    2VM – Olivia Harle for being really resilient and completing “Keep the Pot Boiling” in skipping even when she was really scared.

    2CF – Peyton-Summer Gowland for excellent effort and resilience in skipping practice.

    3GY – Amber Purcell for excellent behaviour and effort.

    3JB – Riley Carpenter for his eagerness in all lessons. 4SMM – Alyx Woollard for excellent ideas during our crime and punishment debate.

    4AM – Thomas Elliott for making excellent progress with swimming and being a great example for all the Y4 swimmers.

    5SC – Philip Gutmann for a great first week at Usworth Colliery.

    5EP – Sydney Gray for not giving up in maths this week.

    6JM – Michael Chisholm Bainbridge for excellent work on the functions of human organs.

    6RB – Ella Sherrington for interesting questions and discussion in science.

  • Below are the children who have been put in the Gold Book this half term for excellent attitude towards behaviour and/or learning. Well done, everyone. We are very proud of you!



    Week beginning 12th March 2018

    RKH – Imogen Tomkins for her fantastic efforts with writing.

    RJD – Matthew Sweeney for always doing the right thing.

    1ML – Jackson Cobain for his superb artwork

    1DS –.Catherine Marsh for always doing as she is asked.

    2VM – Max Dixon for his superb work with fractions.

    2CF – Bobby Duff for doing so well at the Skipping Festival.

    3GY – Kyla Hope for her great work on fractions.

    3JB – Jacob Groom for achieving his pen licence.

    4SMM – Amelia Richardson for her excellent work on fractions.

    4AM – Shane Rogerson for growing in confidence with fractions.

    5SC – Philip Gutmann for sharing wonderful ideas for his narrative.

    5EP –.Oliver Hall for some amazing figurative language.

    6JM – Mitchell Millward for always trying to help others in English.

    6RB – Thomas Bell for being a great Professor Ponder.

    Week beginning 9th March 2018

    RKH – Jayden Bambury for his excellent effort in Guided Reading.

    RJD – Amelia Groom for trying so hard in Guided Reading.

    1ML – Jessica Marjoram for her instructions on how to make a cup of tea.

    1DS – Evie Johnson for working hard and being a superstar.

    2VM – Hollie Brownlee for her great skipping practise.

    2CF – Kiara Lamb for making a super pictogram in Topic.

    3GY – Lucas Gulshivili for his much improved Handwriting.

    3JB – James Cummings for knowing all about volcanoes.

    4SMM – Molly Robson for her excellent character description.

    4AM – Sadia Jahan for always producing excellent homework.

    5SC – Freya Codling for having such a sensible attitude towards learning.

    5EP – Keira Digby for always being so very helpful.

    6JM – Alex Robson for his great work in English.

    6RB – Jada Logenstein for her hard work and perseverance.

  • Below are the children who have been put in the Gold Book this half term for excellent attitude towards behaviour and/or learning. Well done, everyone. We are very proud of you!

    Week beginning: 23rd April 2018

    RAW – Brooke Holyoak for reminding the class what non-fiction books are.

    RJD – Theo Booth for listening, following instructions and trying his best in PE.

    1ML – Emily Rowntree for a fantastic effort all week. She has set a good example to everyone.

    1DS – Emily Rae for working incredibly hard on her reading outside of school. Reading every day at home!

    2CF – Finlay Pattison for working hard with phonics this term.

    2CS – Alice Woolley for using her handwriting in her letter to astronaut, Neil Armstrong.

    3JB – Cerys Kirsop for her excellent diary entry.

    3GY – Gabiya Kulikauskaite for a super descriptive diary entry.

    4SMM – Jenny Tiffin for excellent work on food chains.

    4AM – Molly Robson for excellent work on ‚Molly’s Rule‘ on how to divide 2 digit numbers by 10.

    5EP – Kiera Stubbs for a much improved attitude to school life.

    5SC – Chloe Brewster for always having a sensible and positive attitude towards her learning.

    6RB – Dylan Mustard for excellent letter writing about Banquo and Macbeth.

    6JM –.Riley Hope for having a good attitude towards learning new things and working hard during in planning a scientific investigation.

    Week beginning: 16th April 2018

    RAW – Aidan Hope for his amazing effort in Phonics this week.
    RJD – Heidi Wisbeck for her constant good behaviour.
    1ML – Ryan Humphreys for his wonderful attitude towards learning.
    1DS – Mollie Bell for always completing as much work as she possibly can.
    2CF – Lexi Dunn for beautiful handwriting in her Literacy book
    2CS – Liam Wilson for his excellent measuring skills in Maths.
    3JB – Thomas Wilson for his fabulous English work.
    3GY – Keira Blakie for super work on fractions.
    4SMM – Kieran Naisbett for his improved attitude towards learning.
    4AM – Archie Thirlwell for working hard during Topic.
    5EP – Emily Sewell for approaching all areas of the curriculum enthusiastically.
    5SC – Alfie Douglas for his great first week at Usworth Colliery.
    6RB – Jack Bulmer for his excellent work on area.
    Mrs. Robertson – Demi-Leigh Proctor for her fabulous contributions in guided reading.

    Week beginning: 7th May 2018

    RAW – Harrison Roke for his story about the Three Little Pigs

    RJD – Ollie Proudlock for his superb PE skills

    1ML – Maisie Calder for her good manners on our trip to Durham Castle

    1DS – Payeton Clarke for always giving her best in class

    2CF – Lexi Dunn for superb work on her Science Topic

    2CS – Olivia Harle for her grand effort with Strawberry homework

    3JB – Sophie Tinnion for her bounce back attitude with spelling

    3GY – Lola Lowden for her much improved handwriting

    4SMM – Joey Clark for his excellent work in English

    4AM – Amelia Wyatt for her superb description in English

    5EP – Ruby Hedley for her much improved attitude and good RE work

    5CJ – Daisy Briggs for her fabulous effort and attitude in all lessons

    6RB – Paige Huggins for being so sensible during our SATs revision this week.

    6GW – Riley Hope for having such a good attitude towards all aspects of school


    Week beginning: 14th May 2018


    RAW – Joseph Sweeney for brilliant work about The Three Pigs

    RJD – Alfie Boggie for his improved concentration

    1ML – Daria Zan for always working incredibly hard

    1DS – Jayden James for working so well in Maths and English

    2CF – Jessica Waters for working so hard this week

    2CS – Isla Turnbull for creating her own story

    3JB – Jack Little for his improved handwriting

    3GY – Summer Bambury for her wonderful narrative work

    4SMM – Anthony Barker for excellent work on classification keys

    4AM – Jayden Wood his effort on water conservation

    5EP – Melissa Gilmore for great science work on life cycles

    5CJ – Freya Codling for super work in science

    6RB – Great effort in SATs

    6GW – Great effort in SATs

  • Week beginning: 25th June 2018

    RAW – Ayda Lowden for trying her best all of the time.

    RJD – Ruby Bygate-Pittiglio for doing her best in every lesson.

    1DS –.Jaden Simpson for his fantastic week back in Y1.

    1ML – Caitlin Kennedy for working incredibly hard both at school and home.

    2CS – Ella Watson for always supporting the other children in class.

    2CF – Lewis Watson for never giving up.

    3JB – Annalise Cooke for a wonderful first week at our school.

    3GY – Alfie Cockburn for working so well on horizontal and vertical lines.

    4SMM – Kayla Lamb for being a wonderful helper on the Science visit.

    4AM – Alfie Myers for designing a super rocket car.

    5EP – Jayden Lamb for his superb singing at The Sage.

    5CJ – Daniel Dixon for a great bridge design.

    6RB – Amy Walker for her excellent engineering skills in STEM week.

    6JM – Amy Robson for working so well on STEM activities.

    Week beginning: 18th June 2018

    RAW – Kathryn Simpson for her excellent effort in Reading.

    RJD – Darcie Kennedy for being a wonderful “Role Mole” of excellent behaviour.

    1DS – Catherine Marsh for trying so incredibly hard in Maths.

    1ML – Ryley Dodds for so hard and improving his behaviour.

    2CS – Courtney-Leigh Johnstone for always doing the right thing in lessons.

    2CF – Alexis Lowden for her excellent behaviour and good example.

    3JB – Jamie Ferguson for his incredible knowledge about flags and countries.

    3GY – Peyton Ridley for her huge improvement in attitude and behaviour. Well done.

    4SMM – Jonathan Griffiths for his great improvement with handwriting.

    4AM – Archie Thirlwell for his fabulous sportsmanship in PE.

    5EP – Tomas Bygate for a great newspaper report.

    5CJ – Alfie Kean for his fabulous diary entry.

    6RB – Grace Dodgson for a lovely Fairytale.

    6JM – Nina Seccombe for her excellent work on evolution in Science.

    Week beginning: 11th June 2018

    RAW – Megan Bloomer for always setting a good example and being a wonderful role model.

    RJD – Joey Oakes for trying so very hard with his behaviour.

    1DS – Carter Stephenson for working so hard in Maths.

    1ML – Maisie Muter for always setting a good example to the rest of the class.

    2CS – Jacob Lloyd for using fabulous vocabulary in our English lessons.

    2CF – Olivia Dodgson for her improvement in behaviour this week.

    3JB – Lucas Horn for his improved handwriting.

    3GY – Freddie Tonge for his outstanding attitude towards learning and behaviour.

    4SMM – Finley Grainger for a fantastic conclusion to his catapult experiment.

    4AM – Grace Morson for her excellent explanation during our catapult experiment.

    5EP – Ava-Mae Olds for aiming to finish her work on time.

    5CJ – Philip Gutmann for his super effort and progress with handwriting – Fantastic!

    6RB – Aimee Grainger for her lovely ideas when planning a Fairytale.

    6JM – Thomas Naughton for his amazing poster about giving women the right to vote.

    Week beginning: 4th June 2018

    RAW – Jaxon Gowland for great reading improvements

    RJD – Indi Hilliam for trying so hard with her reading

    1DS – Evie Wilson for her wonderful English

    1ML – Logan Ward for his superb attitude this week

    2CS – Jack Smith for taking his time with handwriting his week

    2CF – Elizabeth Hall for her beautiful writing in Literacy

    3JB – Joshua Brookes for his improved reading

    3GY – Peyton Ridley for her great effort this week

    4SMM – Maddison Roberts for her good work on Suffragettes

    4AM – Jay Codling for his analogue and digital work

    5EP – Lucas Waters for giving 100% in Literacy

    5CJ – Tammy Stubbings for always having a good attitude

    6RB – Paige Huggins for her great work attitude this week

    6JM – Lilly McNeill for her excellent support to friends on Sports Day