ICT is an essential element in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. The ICT curriculum in school aims to develop the children’s knowledge, skills, and understanding. Pupils use tools such as the internet, cameras and recording equipment to research, communicate and handle information and to present it in a variety of ways. They learn to be flexible regarding how they employ a range of technologies, both desktop and hand held, using this technology safely and responsibly. Pupils control a range of electronic devices and develop their understanding of computer programming. Pupils also use computer models such as simulations and spread sheets to explore and test the answers to questions. Our vision is to equip all learners with the experiences and skills of ICT that they will use in a rapidly changing technological world. Learners will become confident and independent in their use of ICT to enhance their learning across the curriculum.’


‘We also use ICT to support all other subjects, with all classes throughout the school having access to digital projectors, wireless enabled laptops and interactive whiteboards. All classes have internet access. We are also increasing the number of mobile devices across school and have Apple TV set up in the main hall.’

How do we decide what to teach?

Using the focus education statements as a starting point, day to day lessons are planned using age appropriate “I can…” statements. The skills for each year group were then adjusted based on the objectives mapped out in the primary curriculum 2015 and content covered at the Digital School House Conference. The school also liaised with the ICT department at Washington Comprehensive School, one of the main secondary school that our children feed into, to ensure the objectives linked with what would be covered at Key Stage Three. Finally, using the existing pupil asset objectives as a base, an overall framework was created for each year group which is now being used to track the progress using a grading system of expected, above expected, well above expected, below expected & well below expected.

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I Can Statements KEY ICT SKILLS 2015-2016

I Can Statements USING THE INTERNET 2015-2016

I Can Statements UNDERSTANDING NETWORKS 2015-2016


I Can Statements E-SAFETY 2015-2016

I Can Statements E-COMMUNICATION 2015-2016

I Can Statements DATABASES 2015-2016


Key stage ICT objectives 2014 Overview


 Project List Y6

Project List Y5

Project List Y4

Project List Y3

Project List Y2

Project List Y1

In order to extend and support the delivery of ICT across the school, we also run the following programs (please click on the links to find out more)

Engineering Club (Formally Raspberry Pi Club)

Digital Leaders