We aim to help children develop their knowledge and understanding in an enjoyable way and our children’s ability to be confident and flexible in their approach to Mathematics is developed throughout the school. We aim for all our pupils to:

  • Have a sense of the size of numbers and where they fit into the number system;
  • Know by heart number facts such as number bonds, multiplication tables, doubles and halves;
  • Calculate accurately and efficiently, using both written and mental methods;
  • Apply the skills they have learned in practical situations;
  • Explain their methods and reasoning using correct Mathematical terms.



The curriculum is carefully structured to give progression through an interesting and  challenging environment, creating links to other subjects wherever possible.

Click here to take a look at some of our excellent maths work from this term!

The School Calculation Policy

The school calculation policy shows how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from EYFS though to Year 6. Please feel free to take a look or download a copy using the links below. Within the policies you will find information on how skills and knowledge are taught and the equipment we use to help the children learn. If you have any questions regarding the methods we use please use the Contact Us page.





The School Maths Policy

Please click on the link below to view the overall maths policy.

UCPS Maths Policy 2016


All of the children have their own personal log on for the internet based Mathletics. Using this log in the children are able to complete maths challenges online to earn points. Teachers may set specific challenges based on the child’s learning in the class, but once these are completed the children can have free reign to tackle anything they feel they need help on. For those wanting a challenge, the children can challenge other children in their school, country or even worldwide to a maths face-off. As soon as a child has earned 1000 points they will receive a bronze certificate. Five of these will result in a silver certificate and for of those will result in a gold certificate. On receiving a gold certificate, Mr Millett has a special secret stash of specially designed prizes to be handed on. So get online and let’s see how many gold mathletes we can produce. Follow the link below to login to Mathletics.

Mathletics Login


Learning our Timetables

Click here to practice your timetables using some funky songs.

Helpful info and activities for parents and pupils (please click on the links below):