Ofsted & Parent/Pupil View

Here is the link to our latest Ofsted report in March 2013. Alternatively, you can download a copy directly by clicking here.

We were graded as a good school and here are some of the positive comments from the report:

 Pupils thrive in this happy school and get off to a flying start in Reception. Year 6 test results are above that found in other schools in English and similar to in mathematics. This represents good progress from pupils’ often very low starting points when they join.

 Most teaching is good, some is outstanding. Typical of all teaching are good relationships between adults and pupils. As a result, pupils are keen to try their best and enjoy lessons.

 Teachers’ careful focus on pupils entitled to the pupil premium or those with a disability or special educational need means they usually make similar progress to their friends. The previous gap between the average point score of pupils entitled to free school meals and other pupils has virtually gone in English.

 Parents, pupils and staff are very positive about the school. They all say pupils are safe and well cared for and are learning well.

 Pupils’ behaviour is good. Pupils are friendly, caring of one another and work equally well in pairs, groups or on their own.

 Leaders pay good attention to ensuring pupils’ safety, developing their personal qualities, promoting equality and pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. As a result, the school is a safe, harmonious, inclusive community and pupils are well prepared for their next steps.

 Perceptive leaders and effective governors make sure that anything that should be better is identified quickly. No stone is left unturned until they are successful in securing the necessary improvements

You can have your say about Usworth Colliery on the Ofsted website by answering questions (Parent View).

These are the same questions that you are asked in any parental survey we take in school.  However, there is no space for comments.  Remember this is not a space to air grievances as nothing will be done about issues.  If you have any issues the best thing to do is to contact your child’s class teacher, phase leader or Mr. Wright, where they will ensure action is taken.

The current parent/child surveys are very positive!  See below:

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Parent Questionnaire summer 2017

Pupil Questionnaire 2017