2018 saw another highly successful STEM week all across school. Here is just a taste of the exciting activities that took place!

Year 2 were very busing during STEM week! Check out just some of the activities they managed to cram in:

  • Making glittery slime using cornflour and water and looked at the reaction that takes place between the ingredients. Children had to decide if they needed more activator or more water.
  • Making flavoured sherbet (black current or lime) and took it home as a treat

Working with ESH Group and explored being architects, construction managers, manual labourers through role play. We looked at buildings from all over the world (statue of liberty, the pyramids, Big Ben…etc). Looking at fiction and nonfiction books about house building and being an engineer.

Year 5 looked at designs of bridges and then designed and built their own to go over the Amazon River!

To help inspire them they took a trip to Newcastle quayside and saw the different types of bridges even going as far and travelling over two of them! The children attended a slime workshop and had great fun. Linked to their forthcoming trip to Newcastle Racecourse, they also found out all about the supersonic car – the Bloodhound and then used these ideas to design our own!

Year 6 took part in small experiments about the human senses. During the week they also had a workshop with engineer Paul Seccombe where they made slime and built paper towers, marble runs and built bridges to hold different weights.

Mr Millett’s class also took part in two trips, one to Washington Academy where they created parachutes for an egg drop and another to Teeside University where they learnt and got to use a range of new technology like robotics and VR’s and even got to analyse their own fingerprints!

In school, the children engineered our own rollercoasters and Viking long boats from a range of materials and they also looked into the science of chromatography and the separation of different chemicals by making chromatography butterflies.

Other activities included:

  • Year 4 children were also lucky enough to visit Sunderland University and the glass centre where they learnt about changing states and got to build rocket cars!


  • EYFS made and exploded play dough volcanoes! They also made paper helicopters and observed how they fell to the floor.


  • Year 1 went on a bug hunt to identify different creepy crawlies at Usworth Park. They also took part in a workshop where they made sherbet.


  • Year 3 & Year 4 took part in a workshop to make their own bath bombs!


  • Pupils from Y5 & Y6 also “got their Blue Peter on” by creating pressure pads for the Raspberry Pi’s – next step is to create a trigger sensitive disco simulator!