Sunderland Culture

We had Vicki and Rachel from Sunderland Culture in school on Thursday 29th November speaking to the children about what is happening next with our project. They explained that after our week of culture in July they have been working with staff in school to plan the next few years. There are a number of staff who are being Cultural Ambassadors and leading the way. We are planning to create a passport for all children with arts and cultural activities, events, visits or visitors that they will experience whilst they are in primary school. This may be accessing the arts through other curriculum areas. The aim is for all children to gain the Arts Award (a nationally recognised award) as a result. In order to create this passport for it to be unique to Usworth Colliery, we are looking for children who will become young cultural ambassadors to help with this process. Vicky and Rachel talked about an application process for any child who is interested. There is an application form to complete and/or Mr Arthur has offered the support of our Digital Leaders to create a video application. Forms will be given out to those interested. Whilst we are creating this passport, we are also eager to start introducing arts and culture into the curriculum.

Therefore, Vicky and Rachel have set a challenge to create an invention to improve our school. This is based upon the Little Inventors which was created by Dominic Wilcox who is originally from Sunderland. We watched a video which introduced the project (please click here to watch it). The children will be inventing in their classes before the end of the term and they will be submitted to Sunderland Culture to decide the winners. There are prizes for the winners. Sunderland Culture have also given us free tickets for Year 1 to visit Washington Arts Centre next Wednesday to see a performance of ‘Snow Play’. We will be transporting the children on our minibuses. There is no cost so Year 1 parents please make sure that you have completed the permission form. This is just the start of some amazing opportunities.