YEAR 2: Miss Fowler & Mrs Moore


This term, we discovered a break in at the PE cupboard in school! Poor Mr Foster got quite a fright! We acted as detectives until the scene could be secured. It turns out, it was the Dish and the Spoon who had returned to a life of crime – watch your windows, Washington!

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In Maths, we have been studying fractions. We’ve learned about halves and quarters as well as thirds and three quarters. We can compare unit fractions and some of us even started to add and subtract fractions. Mrs Forster was incredibly impressed when she came to see our books on Tuesday.



In Science, we have planted cress and investigated the effect of different conditions on how it grew. It turns out, the cress kept in the dark did grow but the leaves were yellow! Our cress in the freezer did not grow, nor did the ones flooded in the quad. We had some successful cress that grew on the windowsill with plenty of light and the warmth from the radiator.

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In Topic, we have been learning about what a town needs to have to help the people that live in it. We have made our own islands and each week we are adding to them based on what we have learned about jobs, buildings, facilities and more. Stay tuned to see what they look like as the finished product. To help us, this week we went out and surveyed the buildings in our area. A big thank you to the parents who came out and helped us – we really appreciate your time!



If you would like to see what our year group has been up to please take a look at the live blog feeds below: